About Us


As a passionate genealogist for over fifty years, (I started very young), I have been constantly frustrated by the apparent lack of items available for the enthusiastic family history researcher. If you can find anything, it's usually expensive, and not all of us have a money tree in our backyard, that’s if we have a back yard.

I have had the privilege to conduct hundreds of research projects and have many satisfied clients.  As a seller on eBay* with over 2400 positive reviews, you can be confident that I am well versed and consistent in offering outstanding customer service.

This is a new store, however, be assured with my qualifications in managing retail operations as well as 25+ years, experience in retail sales, you are getting  some unique personally designed items, mixed with other items offering great value for money. Saving you the time from going shop to shop.

Know, that I'm not offering any item that I wouldn't actually purchase myself. Since I started researching this area of genealogy, I have adjusted the content range of this store.  It is a 'work in progress' for the moment, so if you notice any gaps in the stock offered, problems, or are concerned, please contact me, via the contact us page HERE

Now, if you're wondering why this? Why Now? and Why 'love genealogy'?

That's a great few questions. Easy answer, as it’s to do with my passion in genealogy, and I've had a lot of people asking me about the products that I'm currently offering here in my e-commerce store.

So there it is...thank you for dropping by and thank you for reading up to here.

Happy researching...

Fiona T

ps. Please keep checking back with us because we will be adding more items regularly. If you have an idea you think would be worth getting printed up, shoot us a detailed email of your thought. Maybe your brain child will make it on one of our awesome products!